Stand Out and Sparkle

For Hair and Body

Styling Tips

From a vibrant streak to glistening toe nails, Cosmic Glitter can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your ensemble! Our application guide includes light dusting, bold strands, and steps for adding Cosmic Glitter to your manicure or pedicure. Check out the Cosmic Glitter styling tips to launch your fashion-sense out of this world!

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  • Seven Vibrant Colors

  • Nebula Purple

  • Shooting Star Silver

  • Blue Moon

  • Galactic Gold

  • Cosmic Pink

  • Martian Green

  • Celestial White


Cosmic Glitter for hair and for body! Easy to use, non-toxic and comes in 7 different colors! Check out our how to page to see our favorite ways to use Cosmic Glitter. From eye-catching hairstyles to statement nails, we have it all!

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I love Cosmic Glitter because it’s sparkly, can wear it anywhere, and fun for sleepovers.

Mackenzie, Age 8 | North Smithfield, RI

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